The Abilene Atheist Community is a group local to the Abilene, Texas area. We are a group of like-minded people coming together to share a sense of community and promote secular viewpoints in and around Abilene. Most of our meetings consist of simple, rational conversation and a few good laughs or a dinner party. We welcome atheist and atheist-friendly people to join us!

Atheists are your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even your family. We are rational free thinkers. Approximately 25 million Americans are atheists and you likely see many of them each day without even being aware of it. Atheists are generally polite and friendly and lead lives of reason and thought. We are, plain and simple, people not much different than you.


We meet regularly the 3rd weekend of each month. There are various other get-togethers usually hosted by a member. This helps maintain privacy for folks who need to keep their atheism on the down-low. It is an unfortunate fact that atheists are discriminated against in this area. We do our best to accomodate everyone. :)

Meetup.com – CLOSING
We used an account on Meetup.com to organize get togethers for several years. http://www.meetup.com/abileneatheistcommunity/

We tried using an account on BigTent.com to organize events but it is not as friendly at Meetup.com and we are mostly just using FaceBook. https://www.bigtent.com/groups/abiatheist

We have a Secret Group on Facebook where most of our interactions happen. We used to have a Closed Group here but ended up making it Secret in order to protect members. Please contact us at contact@abileneatheistcommunity.org to request to join the group. As of December 2015, we had 200+ members.

Other Groups Local to Abilene, Texas

  • Abilene Atheist Alliance
    From their Facebook Group: This is a place for people of all faiths and beliefs to coexist in harmony. We have only one rule: Do not start serious quarrels with other members, under any conditions.
  • Abilene Atheist Alliance Forum
    From their Forum: We are a group of atheists and freethinkers based in Abilene, Texas. Anyone looking to share knowledge and improve the community is welcome!
  • Abilene Freethinkers
    From their Facebook Group: Anyone is welcome to be a part of Abilene Free Thinkers. Whether you are religious, curious, anti-theist, or any other walk of life you are welcomed with a smile and you are free from being judged.
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